Royce Rangers U9


From the 2018/19 Presentation evening programme:

I am very proud what the squad has achieved this season, they have worked so hard which resulted with a fantastic 11 game unbeaten run and I hope they have enjoyed the training. 

I have tried to make it as much fun as possible without being too strict, not over training and trying to have a light touch to encourage all the squad to give their best as much as possible. It has been a great season for them, the players hard work and commitment to the team has paid off, as they have looked like a great squad, who can compete with the best when they put their minds to it. 

The learning is done at training with my input but the development is done within the matches based on players own decisions. My aim was for players to always be thinking and taking what they learn at training onto the match day pitch, on their own. I am confident, that with effort and commitment to learning, as a team we can progress even further, taking new challenges in our stride and working hard for ourselves and the team next season.

Many thanks to my teams’ parents for the long hours you spend watching your child at games or practices, for the miles you put on your car to support them, for the hugs they receive whether it’s a win or lose, for the support you show the entire team not just your child, also for your support, advice, guidance and help when I’ve needed you.

Dan Hudson

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Mark Littlefair

Mark Littlefair